Meteorological Data Products


Meteorological Data Products - February 2013


Meteorological Data Products - March 2013


Meteorological data include air history maps, crossing location and vertical distribution plots. Plots are generated from 12 day backward trajectories by Numerical Atmospheric-dispersion Modelling Environment model (NAME, produced by the UK Meteorological Office). 12-day backward trajectories for day 0 start with meteorological forecast on day +1, +2, +3, +4, +5. All NAME runs are produced by the Meteorological Office, United Kingdom, and use the Met Office Lagrangian dispersion model – NAME.

Air history maps represent the mass fraction of released particles which backward trajectories initialized below 5 km. Labels above each plot are telling dates the NAME run was produced, trajectory date (with applied Met Office forecast), altitude range particles were released from and the mass fraction of released particles which trajectories started below 5 km, respectively.

Next meteorological data product displays trajectory crossing locations. Back trajectories start at random within the black solid-line square throughout February 2013. Labels in the bottom right corner show the NAME run date, the trajectory date, starting altitude and the fraction of particle trajectories that crossed 1 km (no multiple crossing assumed). The dots are coloured by the time taken to cross 1 km. Probability distributions of crossing times, where the colour of the line relates to the colours of the dots in the map, are found to the right of each map.


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