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CAST-ATTREX 2015 campaign

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CAST Contribution: Instrumentation


Global Hawk

Following up on the last year successful collaboration with NASA ATTREX (CAST-CONTRAST-ATTREX 2014, Guam, West Pacific), this time UK scientists will be providing two novel instruments: GHOST and AIITS. These will be embedded in Global Hawk and used for the first time in atmospheric research.



GHOST: Instrument concept (left), IR spectra for 4 distinct GHGs (right)


GreenHouse Observations of the Stratosphere and Troposphere (GHOST), developed by scientists from University of Leicester, University of Edinburgh and the UK Astronomy Technology Centre, is the shortwave infrared grating spectrometer which uses four distinct wavelengths to measure the concentrations of four greenhouse gases: water vapour, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane. It has a capability of providing a vertical column measurements of CO, CO2, CH4 and H2O from below the Global Hawk. This will provide a link between upper and lower troposphere concentration measurements.



AIITS: Instrument structure (left), Particle Size, Shapes and Distribution (right)


Aerosol Ice Interface Transition Spectrometer (AIITS), developed by University of Hertfordshire and University of Manchester atmospheric instrumentation scientists, counts and measures the size and distribution of individual particles in the clouds. It uses the high resolution intensified spatial light scattering to provide detailed morphological information (size, shape and structure) of individual airborne particles.


More information about GHOST and AIITS, instrument design, development and technicalities can be found on following websites:


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