CAST-ATTREX 2015 campaign

Unraveling the TTL nexus




Here is my warm welcome to the second stage of the NERC CAST campaign, which is being held in the East Pacific, in February-March, 2015, coincidently with the fourth stage of NASA ATTREX campaign. CAST scientists, led by Dr Neil Harris from Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Cambridge, are providing novel instrumentation for the NASA research aircraft, Global Hawk. Global Hawk is the unmanned aerial vehicle, which has already been used for ATTREX campaigns as the platform for taking measurements of ozone, water vapour and atmospheric tracers within the upper troposphere/lower stratosphere (UT/LS, 14-20 km high). CAST-ATTREX 2015 campaign is taking place in the East Pacific area, with the research base in NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, California. Global Hawk, equipped with two novel instruments developed by British scientists, will be sampling UT/LS air in order to characterise the chemical composition of the tropical tropopause layer (TTL) and understand the transport within.


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