CAST Lead team
Person Institute Role Scientific Interest
Neil Harris Cambridge University Coordinator, PI
Campaign planning (co-WP1)
Global Hawk deployment (WP3)
Ground-based VSLS measurements
Ozonesonde measurements (with GV)
Transport/NAME model
John Pyle Cambridge University Co-I
Campaign planning (co-WP1)
TTL modelling
Halogen transport/UKCA modelling
Transport/NAME model
Rob MacKenzie Birmingham University PI
Cirrus (WP6)
Cirrus modelling
eClustering (with PA)
Paul Palmer Edinburgh University PI
Halogens (WP5)
Halogen modelling/GEOS-CHEM
GHOST spectrometer
Andy Vick Edinburgh Royal Observatory PI Design/construction of GHOST
Paul Kaye Hertfordshire University PI Development and testing of AIITS (w. Manchester)
Charles Chemel Hertfordshire University Co-I WRF modelling
Plamen Angelov Lancaster University PI
EClustering (WP10)
Development of EClustering/data analysis
Hartmut Boesch Leicester University PI
GHOST development (WP9)
Development and testing of GHOST
Martin Gallagher Manchester University PI
146 deployment (co-WP2)
AIITS development (WP8)
Deployment of 146 and Manchester tracer instruments
Development/testing of AIITS (w. Hertfordshire)
Geraint Vaughan Manchester University Co-I
Wider measurements (WP4)
Composition and transport from ozonosondes
WRF modelling (w. Hertfordshire)
Carl Percival Manchester University Co-I BrO measurements (CIMS on 146)
Lucy Carpenter York University PI
146 deployment (co-WP2)
Halocarbon measurements and interpretation
Mathew Evans York University Co-I TTL variability


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