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The CAST project has two overall goals. The first is to improve understanding of the tropical atmosphere and how gases move from the surface to the stratosphere. The second is to develop the UK capability to use UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for atmospheric research. To achieve this, the CAST team are taking the FAAM BAe-146 to Guam in January 2014 where it will fly below a Global Hawk, a high altitude UAV which is being deployed in the NASA ATTREX project. The measurements will be used to diagnose how air is carried high into the atmosphere. In addition to learning about deploying UAVs and using the data collected, CAST scientists produce two new instruments for use in future Global Hawk missions.


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  • The CAST aims and deliverables are directly relevant to the NERC strategy, in particular the themes on climate, earth system science and technology. The general atmospheric chemistry community will benefit from (a) the new results resulting from the enhanced interpretation of measurements of trace gases in this poorly sampled part of the world; and (b) opportunities to be involved in interpreting the measurements. The international links necessarily involved in CAST will ensure that the research and findings are widely known and of high impact.